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    Many people love to travel during the holidays,  However sometimes people fail to take into consideration some basics with regard to planning especialy when that vacation is a cruise.   Below I've listed some things you should know before considering a holiday cruise.



    No matter where your planning to travel, the holiday season means higher prices.    You should book as early as you can.    The earlier you book, the better the price, the closer you get to a sailing date, the more cabins are filled and yes the prices rise as a result of demand.   It wouldn't be unwise to plan now for next year.



    It can be a bummer when you find out that your choice of as an example a new years eve cruise is sold out.    So if you can't find a New Years Eve cruise that's to your liking, then you may want to consider a Christmas Cruise on a Disney ship. Or Holland America and Princess for a Thanksgiving Cruise.   When making your plans you may want to check out all three possibilities and weigh the differences then choose what you want, then immediately book.



    You can rest assure that if you take a Disney Christmas Cruise the ship will be decorated to the hilt, and for that matter any other holiday you may be considering.   If its important to you that there is a religious service on board you may want to check in advance if there is going to be a clergy led service to be held lets say on Christmas Day.



    While planning your Holiday cruise, try to consider a cruise that leaves from a port that you can drive to.  Holiday flights can be very expensive and chew up most of your vacation budget.   I have driven many times to Florida from New England as not to pay for or that matter deal with making flight arrangements, and putting up with delays, cancellations, etc.



    Make sure when planning that the itinerary suites everyone in your group.   Make sure when discussing your trip, make it perfectly clear as to what's included and what's not included.   Make sure the food suites everyone both in the main dining room and the specialty restaurants.   And to eliminate any disagreements that may occur while on ship,  Make sure that everyone agrees with all the arrangements.  And above all take into consideration anyone that has medical issues or dietary requirements.



    As difficult as it may be trying to get cabins next to each other especially on popular sailings it can be done.  This is why an early booking is necessary, make sure everyone agrees the cabin  category and try to form a group and have your travel agent try and book every cabin on the same deck on the same side of the ship.



    The unfortunate thing about traveling in December especially from the Northeast is the weather.  Snowstorms can cause delays in flights and sometimes even cancellations.   So if you can get out of Dodge a few days before your sail date, I can only advise you of one thing,   DO IT.  It may make the difference between a succesfull and memorable vacation, or one that you will want to forget.


    F Y I

    For Your Information

    If you are considering a Holiday Cruise as I said up above it is best to plan early.  There are many great opportunities out there for a family and / or group of friends to have a memorable introduction to the New Year.  You can create a group which gives everyone traveling more benefits than if they booked their cruise seperately.   We specialize in group cruises.  If you would like information on how to create and move forward with a group of your own to bring in 2024.   give us a call, we would love to help you with your plans.


    Happy Holidays !!!

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    Our November theme of foodie interest blogs comes to an end today as we offer you 4 recipes from Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, and Holland America.    Carnival known for its fun ships caters to younger on the go crowds that for the most part likes to eat and run.    Most popular with the eat and run, fun in the sun crowd is the Burger.  Here we offer you from Carnival and Guy Fieri of Food Network  THE RINGER BURGER,  and  from its Cocktail Crew THE MOCHA CHOCOLATE GETAWAY.    For breakfast lovers we bring you a recipe from Celebrity Cruises known for its lavish and creative breakfast dishes, THE XTREMELY DELICIOUS WAFFLE.  And from  Holland America  a SANGRIA that will brighten up  any party.


    1.  GUY FIERI'S RINGER BURGER - Carnival Cruise Line


    5oz ground beef (80/20 blend )         1/2 oz cheese sauce made with Velveeta        1/2 oz thinly sliced sweet onion         1 1/2 oz finely shaved iceburg lettuce        1 slice of American Cheddar Cheese        1 slice of beefsteak tomato        3 paper thin slices of dill pickle        2 tbsp pf Donkey Sauce   ( recipe below )        1 large crispy onion ring.        1 tbsp Bouirbon Brown Sugar BBQ sauce  Guy Fieri Brand          Kosher salt for seasoning


    1 cup mayonnaise        1/4 cup roasted garlic        1 tsp  yellow mustard        4 dashes of worcesteshire sauce        1/4 tsp kisher salt        4 pinches ground black pepper.   Mix all ingresients together in a bowl and set aside


    Heat a flat top grill or cast iron pan over very high heat.  Form the ground beef into a tight ball and sear on cooking surface for 45 seconds, then flatten with a spatula to about 1/2 inch thickness.  Cook for 90 secondes to develop a crust then flip over and cook the 2nd side for 1 minute to develop a crust on the second side, add the cheese sauce to the top of the burger then cover with a slice of cheese.    Combine butter and garlic and coat 2 halfs of a bun and toast on the grill or pan until golden. 


    Smear both halves of bun with Donkey Sauce, then layer the base side of the bun with pickle slices and the burger patty, top the burger with crispy onion ring, BBQ sauce, sliced onion, tomato, and lettuce.  Place top of the bun on top.


    2.  MOCHA CHOCOLATE GETAWAY - Carnival Cruise Lines


    3/4 oz   Irish Cream,      3/4 oz dark rum,        1/4 oz  Butterscotch Shnapps,     1/4 oz Kahlua,      1 1/2 oz of melted chocolate ice cream,      Chocolate Syrup.


    1.  Line inside of glass with chocolate syrup

    2.  Combine all ingredients oin a blender

    3.  Blend with ice until smooth

    4.  Top with whipped cream and a cherry.


    3.   XTREMELY DELICIOUS WAFFLES  -  Celebrity Cruises


    3/4 cup all purpose flour,   1/4 cup cornstarch,    1/2 tsp salt,      1/2 tsp baking powder,        1/4 tsp baking soda,        3/4 cup buttermilk,        1/4 cup milk,      6 tbsp vegetable oil,    1 egg yolk,  1 egg white,        1 tbsp white sugar,        1/2 tsp vanilla extract


    Preheat oven to 200 degrees, and preheat your waffle iron.   In medium bowl, stir together flour, cornstarch, salt, baking powder, and baking soda.   In measuring cup combine milk, butternilk, and oil.   Whisk in egg yolk and set aside.     Beat egg white with electric mixer until you get soft peaks and begin to add sugar until egg whites get glossy,  stir in vanilla.    Add milk mixture into dry ingredients and whisk until blended.  Fold in egg white using a spatula.   Pour mixture on to heated waffle iron until steam stops coming out.  Keep finished waffles on rack in heated oven  DO NOT STACK ON TOP OF EACH OTHER OR THEY WILL GET SOGGY.


    SANGRIA - Holland America


    2 large oranges well washed,        1 large lemon well washed and sliced,        1/4 cup superfine sugar,        2 red apples well washed cored and chopped,        1/4 cup tripple sec,   1/4 cup brandy,      1    750ml bottle of favorite chilled red wine,     1/2 cup sparkling water,     ice cubes as needed.


    Slice one orange and juice the other and set aside seperately,     In a large pitcher combine orange slices, lemon slices, and sugar, and with a wooden spoon mash the fruit gently until you see some juice emitting from the fruit, stir in the reserved juice, apples,triple sec wine and brandy, Refrigrate for at least 2 hours or overnight.   Right before serving add sparkling water and ice cubes,  pour into your favorite glasses allowing some of the fruit to drop in,  Enjoy !!!


    F Y I


    We hope that you foodies who read our blog enjoyed the different postings we added during the month of November.     If you have any questions please enter our chat room open from 10am to 5pm Mon-Thurs, 10am - 3pm Fri & Sat,  and 10 am-Noon on Sunday, at, and if no one is on to answer your questions, just leave us a message and we will answer your chatroom question  by the end of the day.    Naturally during the month of December our theme will be Christmas.  Because of the season and its festivities we are going to try and add many photos for you to enjoy.     We will be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the month of December.    Watch for our first holiday posting  Tuesday  December 6.








          Happy Thanksgiving

       - According to some of the largest travel insurance providers, travel itineraries that fall between November 19th and November 29th , find that travelers are largely traveling to major US cities and Mexican Beaches.  They arrived at this conclusion by analyzing more than 2 million itineraries.    We have singled out 5 US places that most people like to travel to, during the Thanksgiving Day holiday.


    1.     HAWAII

    While  any time is a nice time to visit Hawaii, November is a particularly a great time of year because it tends to be less overrun by tourists.   Most restaurants in Hawaii offer special holiday meals to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  November tends to be rainy and it would be best to choose the western southern side of the islands such as Kauai, and Oahu.  The Friday after Thanksgiving they hold a holiday parade in Waikiki, commemorating Pearl Harbor honoring the survivors and veterans in memory of the attacks on December 7, 1941.   A visit to the USS Arizona memorial is a must take in, and for foodies there is the Chief's Luau.   As it is with any vacation, Do your research, plan well ahead of time, and consider your budget.   Condos can be rented starting at 70.00 per night in Honolulu.


    2.     ORLANDO, FL

    Theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios have extended hours because these theme parks tend to be crowded during holidays with most kids out of school.  Thanksgiving is no exception to this.    Special Thanksgiving Day meals are offered at restaurants both inside the Disney Parks as well as the venues inside Downtown Disney and at most of the Disney resorts.    This way you don't have to miss out on the traditional feast.   As you may probably know there are many many different activities and things to see in Florida, especially in and around this area.  There is the Kennedy Space Center, airboat tours,   a visit to the Crystal River to see the Manatees.  These are only a few of the things you can take in while visiting Central Florida.   As far as hotels go and places to stay there are many that fit anyone's budget situated close to Disney and other attractions.


    3.     NEW YORK CITY

    New York City is the number one destination for families that want to go on vacation during the Thanksgiving day holiday.   A classic Thanksgiving experience is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  This event atracts over 3 Million people to the Big Apple every year, and over 50 million people that view the parade on TV. Consisting of thousands of participants including many celebrities.  The parade is famous for its floats and huge baloons    If you want to avoid the crowds that attend this event, consider getting a hotel along the parade route where you can watch the parade from the comfort of your hotel room.   The day after Thanksgiving is when the cities retailers begin their Holiday Sales.   Black Friday in New York  is a dream for those that like to shop.   Remember this, if you are planning to have your Thanksgiving Day meal in the city it is wise to choose a restaurant well ahead of time, and make your reservations as soon as you can.   To numerous to mention, other activities you would enjoy would make for a very long   list here, as well as the many Hotels and Dining venues available.   


    4.     NEW ORLEANS

    The Big Easy,  a city known for its  partying, and fabulous food.  It is no surprise that this city does this holiday right.   Along with its famous dishes like Po' Boys, vignettes, and crawfish, this city gave birth to their own Thanksgiving Tradition, The Brainchild of Paul Prudohm, is The Turducken.   A chicken, stuffed into a duck, which is then stuffed into a turkey.  You can  savor the Turducken at a number of establishments in the city.  Another common way to make turkey here is deep frying, which is also served at a number of different eateries in New Orleans.  A great experience is the Bayou Classic Thanksgiving Day Parade.   The next day you can attend the start of their Christmas Celebration at The Oaks in the City Park where trees are draped with thousands  of twinkling lights.   You can ride  a train that travels for two miles through 25 acres of brilliant holiday displays.  The Big Easy being the party city that it is has many different activities that you can attend, with many hotels available to stay.  If you're a serious foodie, Thankgiving Day in New Orleans is the place you may want to be..


    5.      PLYMOUTH, MA

    Where it all began.   a 45 minute drive south of Boston, you can visit Plimoth Plantation,  where history comes to life, seeing outdoor living exhibits, including a 17th century English village.  While in Plymouth you can also visit The Mayflower II, a full size replica of the Original Mayflower that brought the pilgims to the new world.  Of course no visit to Plymouth would be complete without seeing the famous  Plymouth Rock, where it is said the Pilgims anchored the Mayflower in Plymouth harbor.  The home of the Wampanoag Nation, Plymouth holds a more historical based  Thanksgiving celebration with a parade, consisting of pilgrims, soldiers, patriots, and Native Americans.   The history of our founding fathers come to life right out of the history books in Playmouth during the Thanksgiving day celebration.   A great experience for history buffs.


    From Cruise Nautique and Travel


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    This posting is going to be short and sweet.    As it should be Dining and Service are at the top of the list when it comes to the perfect cruise experience.   Below you will find the list of Cruise Lines, and Cruise Ships, when it comes to dining, amd another list of the Ships when it comes to service.   These lists were compiled by studying close to 1,000 revues by cruisers, and travel professionals.     




    1.  Celebrity Cruises   4.30

    2.   Royal Caribbean   4.22

    3.   Disney Cruise Line   4.18

    4.   Princess Cruises   4.14

    5.   Holland America   4.13


    Cruise Passengers are tough critics when it comes to dining, as food is an essential part of anyones vacation experience.   No line managed to score over 5.00,  But Celebrity and Royal Caribbean scored the highest because of their unique restaurants like Qsine, and Wonderland, while still delivering top quality on staples like Italian with the Tuscan Grill, Giovanni's Table, and Jamie's Italian.   The quality is there which is what puts these cruiselines at the top.   Disney, Princess and Holland America trail close behind, but also offer a superior menu choices and top-notch dining service.




    1.   Symphony of the Seas   4.46

    2.   Allure of the Seas   4.42

    3.   Celebrity Edge   4.41

    4.   Nieuv Statendam   4.40

    5.   Navigator of the Seas   4.39


    Royal Caribbean had 3 of its ships make the top five, while Celebrity's Edge made it to the top five rather quickly.     Both the Allure of the Seas and Navigator of the Seas made it to Best Ships Overall, sighting its restaurants, service, and entertainment.   Royal Caribbean boasts its seafood cusine on the Symphony of the Seas, along with Le Petit Chef.   Celebrity  has Le Grande Bistro and Luminae Resturants.   After dining at these restaurants there is no surprise that they are influenced by the Culinary Council which is comprised  of world-class celebrity chefs, overseeing menu and restaurant development.




    1.  Independence of the Seas   4.73

    2.   Symphony of the Seas   4.71

    3.   Celebrity Summit   4.70

    4.   Allure of the Seas   4.69

    5.   Celebrity Millenium   4.69


    Service is a category that can make or break a vacation,   As you can see by the figures above,  Celebrity and its parent company Royal Caribbean put a great deal of emphasis on service.  While 3 Royal Caribbean Ships and 2 Celebrity Ships make up the top 5 for service.   I find it amazing how they can keep so many people happy.    But if your thinkling of a cruise vacation keep these cruise ships in mind.




    Please keep in mind that this study goes back to just before the cruise lines all over the world had to go on pause due to the pandemic.  But there is no reason to belive that these cruise line regressed into "just alright" land,  with regards to both dining and service.   As more and more big ships are entered into service,  and the competition becomes more intense. Cruise lines are trying to establish there own niche when it comes to restaurants and cusine.   And there are many new cruise ships coming into service with just that.    Giving their guests choices and satisfying  a variety of tastes.   While dealing with the food restrictions of many of their guests.


    Coming Tuesday November 22, 2022 on this Blog   .......... 


    Best Port Cities to Visit on Thanksgiving







  • November 15, 2022 THE BEST CRUISE SHIP BUFFETS

    Buffets are an important part of the eatery scene on board cruise ships.   Even though cruise ship passengers have dining room seats ready for them and pre-arranged at time of booking, every once in a while one would like a more casual and no so structured dining experience.    Cruise ship buffets offer a wide variety of  meats, vegetable, and fish along with many different desserts,  in a go as you are, all you can eat setting.   The drawbacks of choosing to eat at a buffet are the Crowds, and in some cases food that has sat out too long. There are some cruiselines however that give their buffets as much attention as they give to their specialty restaurants.  Below I've outlined a few.  Nowadays due to health concerns  and stricter serving restrictions with regard to buffets, guests are no longer able to serve themselves as there is a server behind the sneeze guards putting your selections on your plate.   But the bottom line when it comes to buffets is the quality of the food,  cleanliness, and service, that's what really counts.   



    To most cruisers this buffet is considered the best at sea.  It is a well stocked varied venue, that is arranged in stations in order to avoid the typical long lines normally you get while eating at a buffet.  And the food is comparable to a classy bistro ( as one reporter put it ).  The service is excellent to, as the wait staff will load up your tray for you, and their are chefs that cook the food to order in full view of the guests.   And to make this buffet experience even better, Oceania hosts a different themed lunch and dinner every day, with fresh seafood, carving station, and salad bar.    For dessert they serve homemade ice cream with a different flavor every day.



    The Horizon Court offers a diverse selection of cuisines, meals and snacks, incluiding a pastry shop, that serves waffles, pastries, and sweets daily.   There is a grab and go station which serves breakfast, and live stations serving lunch and dinner.  The offerings include Rotisserie, Japanese Hibachi Grill, and build your own tacos. There is a special area designated for kids, and in keeping with the new sanitation directives, there are hand washing stations located throughout the entire dining area.  



    Located on Celebrity's Solstice and Millennium Class ships, as well as the Celebrity Edge, these buffets serve some of the best international foods at sea.  Spacious islands, and active stations serve a multitude of cuisines, including stir-fry, sushi, pasta dishes, and pizza.   The salad bar is exceptional, as is the meat carving station, and selection of desserts.   On ships that cater to British guests,  they serve comfort foods such as fish and chips, and most other British favorites, with many different types of teas.



    The Lido Marketplace is a primary option on Carnival's newest ships, including the Carnival Vista and The Carnival Horizon.   This venue offers indoor and outdoor seating, with seperate food stations to control the flow of dining guests, especially during peak times.   There is the Carvery, The Continental, The Deli, The Comfort Kitchen, French, Pizzeria, and the Sweet Spot.  It offers a wide selection of meats, and vegetarian dishes at all meals.   Specialty drinks, and alcoholic beverages along with soft drinks, are available at the bar, and The Pizzeria is open 24 hours a day.



    This eatery is located on the pool deck, and is the main casual dining venue on board Azamara's three ships.  Beside the impressive selection at the Salad Bar, meat-carving stations, and dessert display, The Windows Cafe is most notable for its themed dinners which vary from night to night.    Azamara dresses the Cafe with table cloths, various wines, and entertainment, while serving a wide variety of international cuisines, such as Italian, Greek, Indian, and Asian.  Even though the Windows Cafe is a self serving Buffet, members of the dining room staff are always around to assist passengers with their dinner selections, and fill drink orders of any kind.



    F Y I



    Because dining is such an integral part of the cruising experience, cruise lines go to great pains to provide their guests with the best possible dining experiences throughout  the legnth of their voyage.   They have to take into consideration all the elements involved in making a guest's cruise experience memorable, and one of the most important elements is their eateries.  Many cruise lines have partnered with  some of the most famous Michelin Starred Chefs such as Jacques Pepin, Jamie Oliver, Emeril LaGasse, and many more to help develop menus and create dining experiences that become the cherry on the top of the cake to ones cruising experience.    These casual eateries at sea serve some of the finest and most creative foods on the planet, in a casual atmosphere.  If you don't like to dress for dinner or have to choose from a limited menu selection, have to wait to be seated then take 2 hours of your time for dinner ? Then Buffets are the venue for you. 


    A cruise line that you should look at, that has gone in a different direction when it comes to food is Virgin Voyages, who has done away wih large dining rooms, and buffets.  And replaced them with 21+ restaurants and eateries on their ships with no upcharge or having to tip, included in the cruise fare .  From fine dining to Grab and Go, they fill the various tastes of their guests by offering many different cuisines and eating experiences.   





  • November 11, 2022 HEALTHY FOOD ON CRUISE SHIPS

    With the popularity of foods geared to eating healthy, many cruise lines have  many of their eateries offering menus that lean toward healthy living.   Below we cover 6 of the best health concious eateries you will find on a cruise ship.   So whether you have dietary restrictions, particular food preferences, or just want to eat a lighter meal during your vacation, it's now easier than ever to find a restaurant that offers healthy menu options when you cruise.  Here are 6 of the top eateries picked for their healthy menu options.


    1.  RAZZLE DAZZLE  -  Virgin Voyages

    This restaurant is a creative concept eatery developed by Virgin Voyages.   Its menu offers light and healthy dishes and very few splurge items.   This restaurant is opened for lunch and dinner.   Many of the passengers that have sailed with Virgin since its debut, have raved about Razzle Dazzle.  Its menu has two distinct sections,  NAUGHTY and NICE.   On the NICE side of the menu they offer such dishes as Plant Based Burgers,  Fish,  Squash Ravioli, Mushroom Tartare, Creative Salads, and a whole roasted cauliflower topped with a curry sauce.  While the NAUGHTY side offers more traditional dining options.


    2.  BLU - Celebrity Cruises

    This restaurant  is reserved for Acqua Class Guests only,   and is open for Breakfast and Dinner.  Its menu consists of a spa-inspired health - focused cuisine.  Breakfast items include freshly-squeezed juices and smoothies along with light-fare items such as asparagus frittatas, parfaits, and steamed tofu.    For Dinner this restaurant offers 2 menus  one menu offers signature entrees consisting of  choices unique to this restaurant.   and a special Clean Cusine menu filled with health conscious dishes.   Some options on the clean cuisine menu do change on a daily basis.    This restauranat  is available on all Celebrity Ships that have Acqua Class Suites.


    3.  COMPASS ROSE - Regent Seven Seas Cruises

    Compass Rose is a unique main dining concept with its variety of menu items that you choose to your preferences, allowing you to create the perfect healthy meal.    The menu has mix and match items that allow you to customize your meal,  then you have the chefs nightly specials / multi course meal option.   If you want to dine healthy, you can choose from many seafood options or meats, and select how you want it prepared, grilled, baked, broiled, etc.  There are also many side dishes to choose from, such as brussels sprouts, asparagus, spinach, or sweet potato fries.  Located on all Regent Seven Seas Ships.


    4.  SOLARIUM BISTRO - Royal Caribbean International

    This restaurant serves Mediterranean isnpired dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   The Solarium Bistro is the only buffet that's included in this list of best health food eateries.  Offerings include dishes that focus on fresh ingredients, like grilled meats and vegetables.  Lighter fare includes Ceviche, Greek Salad, fresh Mussels, Kofta, Stuffed Zucchini, Chicken Kabobs, and an assortment of grilled fish selections.   The Solarium Bistro can be found on all of Royal Caribbeans Oasis Class Vessels.  With the cost included in the cruise fare.


    5.  SENSES JUICE BAR - Disney Cruise Line

    Disney Cruise Line's Juice Bar is a great spot for you to re-charge before or after a workout or unwind after enjoying a relaxing massage.   This quick service spot is open for Breakfast and Lunch and serves only beverages made from fuit, vegetables and other natural ingredients.  A signature drink they offer is  "THE BLAST OFF REFUEL", made from Kiwi, mango, lime, matcha, and blanched almonds.  Then there is the "BEGINNING" a smoothie that blends a healthy combination of spinach, carrots, avocado, ginger, basil, and honey.  This juice bar is found on The Disney Dream and The Disney Fantasy.   


    6.  THE RAW BAR - Norwegian Cruise Line

    You can't get much healthier than a menu full of raw seaood.  The menu includes fresh oysters, shellfish, a variey of crudos ( sliced raw fish ).    They say that your eye has to be satisfied before your taste buds.   The plates are beautiful as they are healthy.  The Raw Bar can be found on The Norwegian Getaway and  The Norwegian Breakaway.


    F Y I



    As time goes on you will see more and more cruise lines offer healthy food as part of their lineup of food establishments.    As bigger ships get introduced, and cruising becomes more and more popular,  cruise lines will become more and more pro-active, in gearing  a certain portion of their food offerings to those who want to eat healthy.   Understand that the six establishments mentioned above are not the only  eateries in existance that offer healthy menu items at sea.  Most cruise ships have juice bars coupled wih their spas.  While many of the specialty restaurants on these ships offer lighter, healthier choices as part of their menu.   When choosing a cruise line consider you and your families food likes and dislikes,  do your research.   You can get an idea of the food healthy offerings by a cruise line by simply going on-line to the cruise line's web site and navigate to the ship you are considering and examine their specialty restaurant choices.  Many of these websites have menus you can download for the whole family to look at.





    Tuesday 11/15

    5 Best Cruise Ship Buffets 


    Friday    11/17

    Whats coming in 2023 featuring The Oceania Vista




  • November 8, 2022 BEST CRUISES FOR FOODIES


    Since food is such an important element of the cruise experience, cruise lines have found many unique ways to satisfy the "Cruise Foodie".    From ports of call that involve Market Tours, to cruises that feature Celebrity chefs and Culinary Theme Cruises.    It is very interesting to see how the different cruise lines bring to their guests different ways to satisfy their culinary wants and desires.   One of the newest cruise lines on the scene has brought forward a new concept  in culinary gratification, Virgin Voyages, has eliminated the large dining hall, and traditional buffet on all their ships, and in its place put 20+ restaurants to satisfy the various desires of their guests, from a multi course dining experience, to a midnight quick snack, these eateries will satisfy the needs of the foodie cruiser any time of day.. And I might add that their are no additional charges as all of these eating establishments are included in the price of the cruise fare.    Below we will touch upon the various cruise lines and their approach to satisfy the culinary needs of their guests.



    Windstar, Viking Ocean, and Seabourn



    Oceania, Regent 7 Seas, Holland America, Carnmival Cruises



    Holland America, Windstar, Silversea, Sea Dream Yacht Club



    Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruises, and Scenic Cruises



    There is nothing like a local market for getting close to the soul of a city's food scene.  Here is how some cruise lines accomplish taking their guests to experience these local gems.    Depending on availability WINDSTAR CRUISES  and VIKING OCEAN CRUISES chefs will take guests free of charge to some of the various local markets where they purchase ingredients that they use in the preperation of that nights dinner on board.   SHOPPING WITH THE CHEF  has become a very popular shore excursion with foodies, after the shopping is done the chefs usually follow by explaining how the ingredients are used in the various recipes they prpare on board.     Related tours in season are the CHRISTMAS MARKETS  CRUISES.



    At one point in time people went on vacation to get away from the kitchen, now onboard cooking schools have become very trendy at sea.   One of the best cooking schools at sea is brought forward by OCEANIA CRUISES, offering hands on cooking classes consisting of 12 cooking stations aboard two of its ships THE MARINA and THE RIVIERA.  guests can sign up for instruction in TEX-MEX, MEDITERRANEAN, and WINE AND FOOD PAIRINGS.    Or guests can sign up for Oceania's CULINARY DISCOVERY TOUR that combines a culinary experience ashore followed by a cooking class onboard..    Another cruise line taking cooking classes to the next level is REGENT 7 SEAS  with their CULINARY ARTS KITCHEN on board The Seven Seas Explorer and The Seven Seas Splendor, holding cooking classes in French, Mediterranean, Cuban, Greek, Caribbean, and Vegetarian Cuisines.   They even hold classes on how to host a brunch or dinner party.   Carnival Cruises charges a fee of $ 30.00 to attend one of their cooking classes including baking cakes, sushi rolls, and Indian Cooking at the Carnival Kitchen Venue.



    One of the best cruise lines to experience the culinary scene is HOLLAND AMERICA  that feature celebrity chefs such as Chocolatier Jacques Torres who starred in his own PBS television series Dessert Circus., then there is Andy Matsuda and internationally known sushi chef,  Ethan Stowell from Seattle along with Holland America's own master chef Rudi Sodamin.  Most sailings feature cooking classes, wine tastings, cocktail making workshops, and wine paired dinners where they hold meet and greets from the acclaimed chefs that are on board..  With several culinary themed cruises over a season, Windstar has partnered with the James Beard Foundation to bring aboard chefs that have received awards from this coveted association.  Other cruise lines to consider for their excellence in the culinary arts on their ships are Silversea Cruises and the Sea Dream Yacht Club both noted for their 5 star white glove service.



    On land a chefs table would be located either in or near a restaurants kitchen, but at sea it's a bit different.  You won't be dining in the galley, but you will have an intimate dining experence hosted by a five star chef and a sommelier, most of the time these special dinners carry an extra fee but as most passengers will tell you, it's well worth it.   Some of the cruise lines that  have excelled at putting on a chefs table are Princess Cruises starting with a tour of the galley followed by a multi course dinner at a reserved table in the dining room.  Each couple or Solo traveler will receive a copy of a signed Princess Cookbook.   Royal Caribbean International features a multi course meal that starts with a champagne toast then dinner where the chef explains each course and how it's prepared.    Carnival Cruises starts its culinary experience by offering cocktails and Hor d'oevres at a reception and a chefs tour of the galley liimited to 12-16 guests, followed by a multi coursed meal.   The chefs table dinners on SCENIC CRUISES  do not involve a an extra charge, but is offered only to VIP guests by invitation only. Located in a private dining room for only 10 guests.  The dinners offered are epicurean by nature and involve 10+ micro gastronomical courses.   Oceania offers THE DOM PERIGNON EXPERIENCE at La Reserve, and pairs six courses with six vintages of Dom  Perignon Champagne which can feature dinners such as Brittany Blue Lobster in yellow curry broth, and black truffle risotto and seared Wagu Beef sashimi style.  These dinners are limited to 24 people and range from upwards of $ 300.00.



    F Y I

    For Your Information


    As you can see the sky is the limit when it comes to a foodie cruise, but the one good thing is that no one has to feel left out, while most of us can't afford an epicurean dinner served with  Dom Perignon and Beluga Cavier ( As per James Bond ), most of us can afford a well made burger or hot dog.   But no matter where on  the culinary spectrum you may fall, you can rest assured that while on board a cruise,  you will feel satisfied when it comes time to get up from your table after a meal and continue with your evenings festivities.   If you want to get a more comprehensive idea of how cruise lines approach the culinary scene, I would advise you to visit your local book store and look for a cookbook connected to a cruise line, such as the Princess Cook Book mentioned  previously in this post.





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